Moxy Reveals PlayAndEarn Platform to Power Next-Gen Video Games

industry pioneers want to bring PlayAndEarn to the gaming industry by allowing full integration with new and existing titles.

Powering PlayAndEarn

Moxy revealed its PlayAndEarn game platform built on Dapper Labs´ Flow blockchain.

The team introduced the platform during a live stream on Aug. 20, showcasing the game marketplace, the Moxy dashboard, and some live gameplay. In a nutshell, the platform will reward $MOXY tokens to players for logging time and winning rounds on games from the Moxy catalog.

Moxy’s core team contains many of the most well-regarded founders of the industry. Among them is the inventor of Pong and Founder of Atari, Nolan Bushnell, who said:

Mission to Space

The PlayAndEarn video game venture partnered with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), a company that launches space missions, to launch its own satellite.

“Throughout my career, I’ve always tried to push the boundaries to do the next big thing. Space exploration is pretty cool and has never failed to capture my imagination. With, I’ll finally be able to cross that off my bucket list.” said Bushnell to Acceswire.

The Geometric-1 space mission is scheduled for October 1 as part of a SpaceX rideshare.

BSC News reached out to for additional comments but received no timely response.

What Is Moxy:

From a team comprised of some of the most recognizable names in the video game industry, Moxy introduces Web3 and PlayAndEarn to mainstream-style video games. The platform rewards $MOXY tokens to players for logging time on games and winning game rounds. To power this, Moxy Forge allows game developers, studios, and publishers to add blockchain elements to their new and existing titles.

Where to find Moxy:

Moxy Reveals PlayAndEarn Platform to Power Next-Gen Video Games

How Moxy is Changing the game that is overall In the fast-paced realm of video gaming, eSports is becoming one of many entertainment that is fastest-growing. Millions of players around the world watch online eSports events, competitions &tournaments that generate billions of dollars &unprecedented engagement.

Unfortunately, the eSports scene remains limited to few professional players who get to be part of the exclusive club. To address this gap &bring the excitement of competitive eSports to as many gamers as possible, Moxy has created web3 that is blockchain-powered that enables all players, not only eSports professionals, to try out a games that are common. By bringing eSports competitions with real rewards, Moxy aims to democratize eSports &bring new number of excitement to gamers on most levels.

Competitive Gaming should really be Easy Over the decades which can be past gaming passed from being considered niche activity restricted to few to becoming an action individuals of all ages, nationalities, genders &interests could participate in. With experts estimating that more than 50% of individuals surviving in the usa are gamers, platforms like Steam, GeForce NOW, Play Store, Xbox Pass &many more have emerged to appeal to their needs. These platforms are making it simple for gamers to savor a common titles minus the hassle of purchasing physical copies, having hardware that is powerful in addition to being related to single device.

Moxy has made eSports gameplay wanted to everyone. However, no developer has focused so far on providing gamers with truly experience that is competitive goes beyond the traditional” that is“Ranked most games have used for years. While popular games like League of Legends have attempted to provide experiences that are eSports-like their players by introducing modes like Clash, this has not been enough. Such modes are not simply extremely sporadic but lack the incentives which can be necessary players to engage actively.

Such modes have also proven difficult for developers to run, with Clash difficulties that are experiencing launched iatus that is&recently seeing lasted over 4 months.An Innovative treatment plan for a Problem( that is classic)The of bringing competitive eSports towards the masses is certainly one that results from many elements that are different.

Moxy believes that the most solution that is effective the issue is to deliver developers having an easy-to-use tech stack &players having an platform that is eSports-centricIn just how it really is of the tech stack, Moxy allows developers to organize open eSports events with no need to implement an in-house solution. This stack might be accessed via API integration, method most developers that are software to be knowledgeable about yet still remains extremely possible &that also works indistinctly of this platform getting used (PC, console, or device that is mobile. Moxy Club:

Play your favourite titles, track your earnings, manage how you spend your $MOXYGamers, on the other hand, can use the platform that is access that is moxy of games with eSports functionality, bringing new layer of engagement &competition with regards to their favorite titles.

As all of the eSports functionality takes place natively inside the platform, not merely will players earn rewards which can be financial also other assets created specifically with regards to their games that are favorite Bringing Web3 &Blockchain to be Sports Moxy makes use of blockchain technology to develop its web3-based technology, which allows its platform to operate in decentralized, secure manner that is estable.

And also this is sold with the advantage that developers don’t need certainly to develop multiple on/off ramps to currencies that are localized the MOXY token streamlines the method that is whole The usage of this technology also adds an level that is additional of to all or any or any one of this interactions between developers &players. Both This really is better, as all transactions are taking place within the FLOW blockchain with regards to cybersecurity &transparency. This helps to ensure that the platform that is working secure, future-proof, low-fee &easily offered to all social people involved.

Moxy’s usage of unified wallet that is digital can make it easier for gamers to get in touch to your ecosystem as not merely will their wallets store their MOXY and also a NFTs. that is commonWith these tools developers also can seamlessly create NFTs to represent their assets that are in-game bringing new possibilities with regards to their game development.

Real Competition With Real Rewards There are 2 elements every eSports player competes for: recognition &rewards. Video Games lacking any eSports tackle that is component that often is traditionally tackled in games via leaderboards &the league system, through which players are able to see where their skill stands compared to that of other players. While Most players tend to care about recognition this operational system works just fine, the can’t that is same said about traditional reward systems.

They are generally on a cosmetics &other in-game assets that lots of players don’t be concerned about, particularly when it comes down to hardcore competitive gamers. By offering its MOXY cryptocurrency, the ecosystem that is moxy players to genuinely capitalize on the skill ork that is&hard Every player participating in competition will be required to pay an entry fee in MOXY tokens, creating pool that will then be divided among players (90.1%), developer/publisher (6%), &the Moxy Foundation (3.9%).Moxy Tokenomics Making eSports Go Mainstream Moxy’s approach to eSports is specially designed to help eSports go mainstream.

Given how the prize pools are divided between the parties that are different you can find incentives that are financial everybody involved to interact due to the platform &grow the ecosystem.Players get to earn rewards, developers get share &the Moxy Foundation should be sure the working platform runs smoothly after a while to obtain the money needed seriously to support that effort.

This means that in place of other attempts at creating eSports platforms inside the past, the ecosystem that is moxy everyone that is getting in the efforts through its “trifecta” approach. Probably The element that is best playing in Moxy’s favor is giving developers the various tools to perform eSport competitions without the need to reinvent the wheel.Some of this games available in the marketplaceAs these competitions may take put on all levels although the team is rewarded with the pool that is main generating more engagement, developers have more than enough reasoned explanations why you should look at joining the ecosystem.So Far, Moxy has gotten support from investors like Shima Capital, Polygon, MetaTope &GSR, raising over ten dollars million along the real way.

The project has additionally attracted names that are world-class Nolan Bushnell (Atari Founder), Lawrence Siegel (President at Sega Europe), &Tony Bickley (EU Head of Gaming at Sega) to participate its team, testament to its that is potential The Road Ahead Moxy has recently experienced growth that is rapid inside the gaming world by integrating games like Super Squad, Battle Rise &Sociable Soccer 23 across different platforms.

Over The months that are following the group would be centering on the&integration that is onboarding of games into the platform, as well as putting Moxy into the spotlight. One of the biggest plans Moxy has developed is its “Battle of the Influencers” program, celebrity eSports tournament that will see 10 influencers &celebrities participating.

With combined following of over 100 million users &feature names like Steve Aoki, Hannah Stockings, Daniel “dGon” Gonazales, the tournament will be filmed in an AR studio to further enhance the experience. With gaming, crypto &web3 only getting ever more popular all around the globe, Moxy expects to become player that is major it comes down with their integration.()So far, all of the pieces be seemingly there for the working platform to see growth that is meteoric. Using the tech &the team being prepared it is actually matter that is now only of being prepared to take their gaming to a different level.

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